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Social Inclusion as a Dynamic Two-Way Process and Multicultural Societies

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Introduction to the course

Topics covered

  • Intercultural dialogue and multicultural society
  • Promotion Pluralism
  • The garden of Inclusion: Facilitation of the integration of unaccompanied migrants in the labour market through Social Pedagogy and the Common Third Model
  • Social Inclusion of Migrants in Turkey
  • Awareness of Islamic legal institutions as a factor of inclusion
  • Ethics, key professionals and friendly techniques for interviewing children and young migrants (POU Italy)
  • Listening to experiences of unaccompanied minors (variety of situations, stories, subjective difficulties, structural obstacles for defining their transition into adulthood)
  • Child participation in social work with refugees
  • The fundamental and positive role of reception in the social inclusion process
  • School as a space of inclusion
  • Working with young adults for inclusion
  • Volunteering as a tool for inclusion
  • Aspirations, family and occupational Expectations
  • Social inclusion as a two-way process, local communities versus young migrants and Apulia experience
  • Theatre as a method to promote intercultural dialogue and migrants’ sense of belonging
  • Challenges to a Smooth Transition and Steps to Mitigate the Problem
  • Stabilizing and Destabilizing Factors for Young Refugees and Unaccompanied Minors
  • Building migrants’ belonging through positive interactions

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