Reception, Service and Health Standards for Migrants – Unaccompanied Minors and Young Adults

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Introduction to the course

Topics covered

  • Overview of the overall system. Paths and fragmentation of the reception system.
  • Right to health, education, and social assistance.
  • Conceptual framework of the triple transition: from adolescence to adulthood, transition connected with migration, overcoming of traumatic experiences.
  • Specific vulnerabilities. Gender-based violence
  • Non-violent communication, active listening.
  • The artificiality of a distinction between minors and persons over 18 years.
  • Semi autonomy paths and housing solutions.
  • Orientation of youth – case study.
  • Tips and tricks for getting into the confidential zone of migrant youth.
  • Inviting unaccompanied minor refugees to dream again: the role of workshops in work with refugees.
  • The phenomenon and the system of reception and integrated management of unaccompanied foreign minors (UAFM).
  • Some good practices related to the course from project countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Turkey

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